Manual Visions and Dreams

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They give us boundaries to live by, a purpose for labor, and general direction for our lives. Vision creates passion and motivation.

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It gives us a reason to work hard. We need to learn to see the promises, not all the problems.

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In this series, Pastor Duane helps us learn to develop godly visions and dreams in our lives. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Jewish people go back and forth between dreams and visions. As a nation we are well aware of our destiny and vision.

Visions And Dreams In Scripture

However, in order to fulfill our vision we must continue to dream and invite human participation to help implement our vision and destiny. Many of our leaders were dreamers; Yaakov and Yosef dreamed, lead their lives based on their dreams and fulfilled them by being active players. Visions and dreams are two concepts that differ from each other but also complement each other. Dreams are the way to fulfill the vision; dreams are our way to partner with Hahsem to bring redemption.

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When we dream we can create worlds that do not exist at the moment and there are no limits to what we can achieve. Ask God the Interpreter of all dreams to reveal the meaning of the dream, its relevance and importance, and what we are to do about what is revealed to us. Measure what is revealed with the Word of God. For example, is God revealing that He wants to be merciful to you or to another person?

Is God revealing that He wants to use you to extend kindness to those who have offended you? By that I mean, what is happening in your life at the time of the dream? What are you seeking God for at the time of the dream? Apply what is revealed to you in the interpretation. You can trust God that He is always right. We can only safely interpret others' dreams when we have safely interpreted our own.

Daniel and Joseph were clearly gifted to interpret dreams. As we walk with God we can learn what He is saying to us by His Spirit. Personal Testimony:. Many years ago I had a dream that a person that I knew was looking for me and wanted to kill me.

What Do Dreams And Visions Mean Today?

When they found me they told me that they hated me and wanted to destroy me. Needless to say I was disturbed by this dream. I could have written it off as a nightmare, but for the fact that I know that God speaks to me in dreams. As I sought the Lord in prayer and asked Him for the interpretation, God revealed to me this particular person had been offended by my actions and was still deeply wounded.

He also revealed that my actions were not the real reason for the offence, but the offence was a matter in the heart of the person concerned. The Lord instructed me to go to this person and to apologize to them. I was to apologize for acting in a way that had caused them to be offended. In doing so the Lord revealed to me that my apology would lead the way to freeing this person in their heart to receive healing.

That was His intention for their life. I was to apologize and leave the matter in His hands. I went to the person and I told them that I was sorry for actions that I had done that caused them to be offended. Before I had gone to this person I had determined that whether or not this person accepted my apology I would not argue or have strife with them. I was taken aback.

Visions And Dreams

I so dearly wanted to retaliate. They still did not receive my apology and kept yelling and shouting at me. I walked away with them still shouting and yelling at me, but I had done what the Lord required of me Micah In being honest with you, I found that experience very difficult and painful, but I found greater joy in simply obeying the Lord. I also learnt that what was visible from this person, a facade of niceness to my face, had actually belied the truth about what was really in their heart towards me.

That is why they found my apology near impossible to receive. I was not really the problem; the condition of their heart was the real problem. In the dream God showed me the real problem, but nontheless had required me to seek peace with them. I believe that God paints pictures with colours that we know. What do I mean by this? I mean that God may use symbols in a dream that clearly speak to you in a direct way that leaves you in no doubt as to what God was saying to you. This has come to mean that I am being, or will become victorious in an area of prayer and ministry that I am encountering.

If I dream that a person wishes to give me food, I have learnt that there is a situation that I am about to encounter where another person wishes to exercise control over my life.

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As I dream of being pregnant this symbolizes a new area of ministry that God wants me to step out into. Each one of us is different and will need to learn what our own dream language is from God. Cars, flying and food may mean something completely different to you than it does to me. Having said this, this is not a formula.

This is symbolism from God and He may choose to use a symbol in a different way in another dream. That is why we cannot and must not rely on dreams in themselves. We must always go to God in faith and ask for His interpretation and revelation concerning the dream that we have received. Can all be dreams be taken literally?

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Again we need to ask God for His interpretation. Is God using this dream to speak of another hidden matter? In fact in the dream he was committing adultery on the street in broad daylight. Obviously I was shocked when I awoke to have such a dream and first sought my own life as to what immoral thinking had been happening in my own heart. God quickly revealed that I did not need to do that. He then went on to reveal that the minister concerned was not the man either who was committing adultery.

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  7. In fact God showed him to me as a symbol of certain ministers who were, and the fact that this adultery was happening on the street in public view of passers-by was the Lord saying that He was not going to allow this adultery to be covered up any longer, but that He was going to expose those concerned. God never actually revealed to me who the real ministers were.

    He only ever used this man as a symbol. He also revealed to me that He was giving these ministers a period to repent and that if by a certain date they had not repented then He would expose them. After much prayer I went to personally visit the minister that I had seen in my dream.

    I shared the contents of the dream and the interpretation of the dream, and especially that fact that he was not the adulterous man, which he not only confirmed, but was also relieved to confirm. I shared with him the symbolism that God had shown me and the other details.