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When I squatted down, each of my knees pushed against their legs. Apart from the final biological act, which remained mine, all other arrangements were handled by my guards in peaked caps. I once asked several of the guards, one of whom was responsible for education on religious matters, what exactly an illegal religion was.

None of them was able to answer.

Struggle Against the Gods

I asked what legal religious acts they sought to protect, and they said there were no legal religious acts in prison. China has made little progress since the time of the palace eunuch Zhao Gao, who forced others to call a deer a horse. Zhao was contemplating treason and wanted to test his support among other officials, so he presented a deer to the emperor and called it a horse.


The emperor, thinking this strange, asked those around him what the animal was. Some were silent, others said it was a deer, and others, apparently wanting to curry favor with Zhao, said it was a horse. Zhao later secretly arranged for those who said it was a deer to be executed. From then on, all the officials lived in fear of him. Under the Prison Law, prisoners are entitled to read books.

And even that came with conditions: The bureau wanted me to write weekly reports that expressed my remorse, my change in thinking, my willingness to break with the past, and my determination to make amends. I did write the reports—a single sentence for each. In my report on my remorsefulness, I said that I regretted not doing a better job of exposing the dark forces at work in China. In my report on how I was to break with the past, I told them how determined I was to destroy the current system in China.

I became so desperate to read again that I was willing to try anything. So I asked whether I could have something by Chairman Mao. The more Chaplain Deb taught Amy, the more Amy wanted to absorb.

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I know it sounds weird to feel serenity in a prison, but I did. Christ knew my heart even when words in prayer often turned to tears. I miss them. Help it go well. Uncuffed, Amy and her family were permitted to embrace one another and speak freely.

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He May be gone, but his dream will come true! Write a Review. Unhandcuffing God 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. Guest More than 1 year ago When you read this book you think it's some sort of fictional story about a man with magical power.

The truth is, it is a magical story about a man who relies on God's power! Pastor Caver's account of real-life events that seem to provide a 'no-win' scenario that are transformed into modern-day miracles through the power of prayer and belief in Him are nothing short of incredible. A must read for anyone wanting reinforced evidence of God's sovereignty or anyone struggling with the question of whether or not God exists. It is both entertaining and enlightening for every reader. It has provided me with guidance and instruction on ways to release God's power by completely submitting to Him and turning even the smallest of problems over to Him.

Definitely a '5 star' book! Guest More than 1 year ago To whom it may concern, The book unhandcuffing God, by Howard Caver is one of the most inspiring tools for Christians today.

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Pastor Caver's faith and trust in God, is a wonderful and exciting commodity in the skeptical and fearful world that we live in. Unhandcuffing God is a must for the serious Christian who desires to truly follow and please God. If you are suffering or experiencing a power outage or brownout as it relates to your faith, this book will jump start your trust and dependence upon God. Guest More than 1 year ago The book unhandcuffing God, by Howard Caver is one of the most inspiring tools for Christians today. Guest More than 1 year ago This book shouts with a smile, 'Trust God.

He is who He says He is and wants to do in your life so much more than you are allowing. Trust Him. Take that step you've been scared to take. I was. Howard Caver's book nudged me to go further than I had before in my walk with God.

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The journey is much more exciting now.