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Recomendar Twitter. Playlists relacionadas. Mais acessados. Aplicativos e plugins. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. To support his experiments in Carolina Gold, whose resurrection now represented for Glenn an all-consuming preoccupation his mother, after all, was Geechee, a person who eats rice every day , he began to research other regional heirloom grains of the era that he could throw into production more quickly.

The research began with corn. In , Glenn explored rural back roads looking for the famous white Carolina mill corn that was revered in Antebellum plantation inventories and recipes for its high mineral and floral characteristics and its creamy mouthfeel. Known as Carolina Gourdseed White, the single-family hand-select dated back to the late s.

Glenn passed the Gourdseed grits around to chefs in Charleston and Atlanta, and they all went crazy.

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But he knew the corn would have to be milled as carefully as it was grown. Returning to historic documents, Glenn read about an heirloom that had been bred to blow down in late fall for hand harvest under snow in deep winter.

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  • The flavors of the cold-milled corn were stunning. He also found a perfect place to store his seed corn: in the freezer. At this point Glenn possessed a fully realized, madly ambitious plan: to make Carolina Gold rice a viable Southern crop, and to grow, harvest, and mill other nearly extinct varieties of heirloom corn and wheat organically.

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    By doing this, Glenn hoped to re-create ingredients of the Antebellum Southern larder, ingredients that had vanished over time. Never one for half measures, Glenn, in , sold his worldly possessions, tossed his business cards, and began living out of his car. He rented a sprawling metal warehouse behind a car wash in Columbia, South Carolina and bought four native granite stone mills.

    Anson Mills was born. By , Glenn had his first real harvest of Carolina Gold rice, as well as 10 varieties of heirloom Southern dent corns.

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    He was milling grits for chefs in Georgia and the Carolinas. Word got around. A handful of ingredient-conscious chefs across the country began to use Anson Mills products and promote them vigorously to their colleagues. The circle widened. In , Glenn found a complementary match for his drive and detail awareness in the diminutive personage of Kay Rentschler, a former chef and then freelance journalist for the New York Times dining section, as well other New York publications.

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    He married Kay, but could not keep her in the South. Today, in addition to its collection of native heirloom grains, Anson Mills grows Japanese buckwheat, French oats and Mediterranean wheat, and Italian farro.

    Kay creates period-authentic recipes, catalogues the history and virtues of the ingredients and dishes alike, and is the photographer for ansonmills. Glenn continues to be restless and deeply curious. He works tirelessly to manage his old grains, the land, and their growers, as well as chefs and retail customers. But only rarely must he wear a suit.

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    Kay Rentschler hails from a Hoosier family of German extraction. A knack for handwork with dough was a trait among women in her family, and accounts for the lovely raisin, squash, sugar cream, and cherry pies she grew up with.

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    These early memories may explain, in part, why, at the end of an undergraduate program in English literature, Kay drifted into a professional kitchen. The kitchen was in Cambridge, Massachusetts and belonged to the Harvest, a restaurant with a culinary sensibility that was unique in the area at the time.

    Frenchwoman, brilliant cook, and exacting instructor with a firm grip on the mysteries of terroir , Madeleine was a stickler for ingredient stream and tradition. Submitted by Kelsey Douglas Stewart.

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