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When George was a kid, he used to follow me and my first girlfriend, Cynthia.. We'd come out of art school and he'd be hovering around like those kids at the gate of the Dakota now. I remember the day he called to ask for help on 'Taxman,' one of his bigger songs. I threw in a few one-liners to help the song along, because that's what he asked for.

He came to me because he couldn't go to Paul, because Paul wouldn't have helped him at that period. I didn't want to do it.

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I thought, Oh, no, don't tell me I have to work on George's stuff. It's enough doing my own and Paul's. But because I loved him and I didn't want to hurt him when he called me that afternoon and said, 'Will you help me with this song? It had been John and Paul so long, he'd been left out because he hadn't been a songwriter up until then. As a singer, we allowed him only one track on each album. If you listen to the Beatles' first albums, the English versions, he gets a single track. The songs he and Ringo sang at first were the songs that used to be part of my repertoire in the dance halls.

I used to pick songs for them from my repertoire So I am slightly resentful of George's book. But don't get me wrong. I still love those guys. It was perfect for Ringo to sing. If I said, 'I'm the greatest,' they'd all take it so seriously.

No one would get upset with Ringo singing it. Let's form a group. He was just enjoying the session and the spirit was very good, but I was with Yoko, you know. We took time out from what we were doing. The very fact that they would imagine I would form a male group without Yoko!

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It was still in their minds PLAYBOY: "Just to finish your favorite subject, what about the suggestion that the four of you put aside your personal feelings and regroup to give a mammoth concert for charity, some sort of giant benefit? I have been benefited to death. I haven't performed for personal gain since , when the Beatles last performed.

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  • Every concert since then, Yoko and I did for specific charities, except for a Toronto thing that was a rock 'n roll revival. Every one of them was a mess or a rip-off. So now we give money to who we want. You've heard of tithing? I am just going to do it privately. I am not going to get locked into that business of saving the world on stage.

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    The show is always a mess and the artist always comes off badly. I can't even talk about it, because it's still a problem. You'll have to check with Mother Yoko because she knows the ins and outs of it, I don't. But it's all a rip-off. So forget about it. All of you who are reading this, don't bother sending me all that garbage about, 'Just come and save the Indians, come and save the blacks, come and save the war veterans,' Anybody I want to save will be helped through our tithing, which is ten percent of whatever we earn.

    It was Al Jolson. So I don't buy that. You know, America has poured billions into places like that.

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    It doesn't mean a damn thing. After they've eaten that meal, then what? It lasts for only a day.

    It goes round and round in circles. You can pour money in forever.

    Paul McCartney and Paul Simon Sing ‘I’ve Just Seen a Face’ on ‘SNL 40’

    After Peru, then Harlem, then Britain. There is no one concert. We would have to dedicate the rest of our lives to one world concert tour, and I'm not ready for it. Not in this lifetime, anyway. You're supposed to be socialists, aren't you? Either you become a right-wing Archie Bunker if you are in the class I am in, or you become an instinctive socialist, which I was. That meant I think people should get their false teeth and their health looked after, all the rest of it. But apart from that, I worked for money and I wanted to be rich. So what the hell But I am not anything. What I used to be is guilty about money.

    That's why I lost it, either by giving it away or by allowing myself to be screwed by so-called managers. ONO: "There is no denying that we are still living in the capitalist world. I think that in order to survive and to change the world, you have to take care of yourself first. You have to survive yourself. I used to say to myself, I am the only socialist living here.

    It is all John's, so I'm clean. But I was using his money and I had to face that hypocrisy. I used to think that money was obscene, that the artists didn't have to think about money.

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    But to change society, there are two ways to go: through violence or the power of money within the system. A lot of people in the Sixties went underground and were involved in bombings and other violence.

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    But that is not the way, definitely not for me. So to change the system ONO: "There is a limit. It would probably be parallel to our level of security. Do you know what I mean? I mean the emotional-security level as well. ONO: "I don't know what we have. It becomes so complex that you need to have ten accountants working for two years to find out what you have. But let's say that we feel more comfortable now.