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By which will we have been sanctified, through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all. In the will of God we have the union of His Wisdom and Power. The Wisdom decides and declares what is to be: the Power secures the performance. The declarative will is only one side; its complement, the executive will, is the living energy in which everything good has its … Andrew Murray— Holy in Christ June the Fourteenth the Law in the Heart "I will put My laws into their hearts.

Everything depends on where we carry the law of the Lord. If it only rests in the memory, any vagrant care may snatch it away. The business of the day may wipe it out as a sponge erases a record from a slate. A thought is never secure until it has passed from the mind into the heart, and has become a desire, an aspiration, a passion. New Year's Sermon. But when we assemble here on this day, we surely do so in the belief that everything pleasant and joyful in our working and social life during the past year, for which we have had to thank God, had its source in nothing but the spiritual good … Friedrich Schleiermacher— Selected Sermons of Schleiermacher Perfection in Faith I have been turning this text over, and over, and over in my mind, and praying about it, and looking into it, and seeking illumination from the Holy Spirit; but I was a long time before I could be clear about its exact meaning.

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It is very easy to select a meaning, and then to say, that is what the text means, and very easy also to look at something which lies upon the surface; but I am not quite so sure that after several hours of meditation any brother would be able to ascertain what is the Spirit's … Charles Haddon Spurgeon— Spurgeon's Sermons Volume 5: Hebrews x. Their sins and iniquities will I remember no more. The beginnings of religion lie in the desire to have our sins forgiven, and to be enabled to avoid doing the wrong things again.

It was so with David when, in the fifty-first Psalm, he not only cried, 'Have mercy upon me, O God, and blot out my transgressions', but 'Wash me, cleanse me from my sin'. Sin is a double evil.

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On the one hand, it creates … T. The completion of the Old Testament did not finish the work that the Holy Spirit undertook for the whole Church. The Scripture may be the instrument whereby to act upon the consciousness of the sinner and to open his eyes to the beauty of the divine life, but it can not impart that life to the Church. Hence it is followed by another work of the Holy Spirit, viz.

The well-known words of Psalm xl. I have heard much about it, have heard many sermons on it, too; but the way to proceed is not yet plain to me, not so plain as I wish it were. Can't you tell me the first step, the second, third, and all the rest?

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My heart feels a hunger that seems unappeased, I have a longing that is unsatisfied; surely it is a deeper work I need! And so I plead, "Tell me the way. We can help prevent such a situation by structuring our lives to provide us with constant reminders.

THE POWER OF REMEMBERING ALLAH (SWT) - Powerful Reminder by Yasir Qadhi

Ritual and congregation play an important role. If our days begin with sacred rituals—chanting mantras and prayers, reading and discussing scripture—each day gives us the opportunity to remember. If we set up a ritual of offering all we eat to the Lord, and offering prayers of gratitude before we eat, we are again reminded of Him.

Thousands gather at Ypres for last great act of remembrance

If we surround ourselves with like- minded people who share our passion for serving Krishna, their energy and devotion replenish and inspire us. In the same way that athletes grow strong through training, our ability to remember God can strengthen through daily training. Eventually, remembrance becomes our normal condition.

The state of constant remem-brance is described in many religious traditions, and in Sanskrit it is called samadhi. Samadhi need not be passive, a physical withdrawal from the world as one becomes immersed in thoughts of God. Rather, samadhi is the awakened realization that all in this world is but a reflection of Him. Everything belongs to Him and can be used to serve and praise Him.

A self-realized soul sees all things intimately connected with the Lord. The love and joy come only from the connection with the beloved. Srila Prabhupada points to Prahlada Maharaja as one who reached perfection by remembering the Lord.

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As a child, Prahlada showed pure trust amid extreme danger. His father, Hiranyakashipu, was an exceedingly horrible parent. His terrifying austerities altered the balance of the universe.

Infant death: Grief and the path to remembrance

Frightened devas demigods begged him to stop, which he did only when Lord Brahma offered him protections that would render him virtually immortal. With such power and determination, Hiranyakashipu became a tyrant who ruled the world. Everyone lived in fear of him. He reserved special wrath for Lord Vishnu, who had killed his brother. Enter son Prahlada. It was Prahlada who at the age of five described the nine processes of devotional service.

Now, an ordinary Dad might withhold supper or send his son to his room.

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But Hiranyakashipu was given to extreme behavior. He tried to kill Prahlada. Prahlada just sat silently and remembered the Lord—a powerful form of resistance. All attempts on his life failed. A true lover of God, Prahlada did not beseech the Lord to save him from his dangers. His love for Krishna was unconditional. To remember the Lord at death is a great fortune. Of this there is no doubt.

Death can be an extremely painful and difficult moment, and the likelihood of remembering Krishna at such a time depends on His grace and our practice.

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