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Ebook formatting by www. Lacey stopped a few feet into the kitchen and hung her head low. After the day she had, the last thing she wanted was to talk to her mother. She let out a deep breath and made her way into the livingroom. Her mom, Jackie and stepdad, Tom were sitting side by side on the super ugly yellow and green flowered couch that Tom had brought over from his house after he married her mom six years ago. Lacey could tell by the look on their faces that she was in more trouble than she had thought. With her arms crossed over her chest, she sat down in a chair across from her parents and quietly waited for the inevitable lecture she was about to get.

She looked at him, then at her mom and let out a deep breath. I tried not to get angry. I tried to control myself but Melinda pushed me too far. Melinda made you mad so you try to kill her. And I lost it.

Lacey narrowed her eyes at him. Melinda Cross is not my friend.

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She has teased and tortured me ever since the fifth grade when she first moved here. Just because she says hello to me in front of you does not make her my friend. Lacey rolled her eyes. I should have known better than to think you would take my side. She hated everything about him, from the stupid way he combed over the few strands of hair he had to cover the fact that he was practically bald, to the way he doted on her mom like she was an infant in need of constant care, always hovering around her. He even closed his downtown office and turned their guest house into his new office so that he could work from home and be close to her all the time.

Out of all of the shrinks her mom made her see when she was little, he was the worst.

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After her mother told him about her telekinetic powers, he did everything he could to provoke her into using them on him so he could see what she was capable of. But even at the young age of nine, she knew better than to let anyone see what she could do. After two years of Tom trying to get her to trust him enough to let him see her use her powers, he finally got what he wanted. When she found out about him and her mom getting married, she got so upset that she lost control of the hold she tried to always keep on her powers and lashed out at him.

She tossed him across the room like a ragdoll and demolished everything in his office. When she was done, it looked like a tornado had come through and Tom was crouched in the corner, shaking like a leaf on a tree on a windy day. I screwed up. I lost control of myself for a minute. Tom stood up and pulled her mother up with him. He wrapped his arm protectively around her shoulder.

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He wanted to know how she was able to move things with her mind and unfortunately, her mother had agreed. Lacey spent four months in the hospital and every day that she was there, was pure hell. The doctors kept her hooked to machines to monitor her brain activity as they tried to coax her into using her powers. Their insults hurt her, especially when they talked about her real father, but she let it go.

She refused to give in to them. They gave her saltine crackers and bottled water. And then they tried to entice her by leaving a tray of her favorite foods outside her door so that she could smell it. But Lacey never gave in. Sometimes she would go days without eating anything but the crackers. She knew if she showed them what they wanted to see, she would never leave the hospital.

Published: January 14, Book 2 of the Shohala Falls series.

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Faced with her impending death, Kaia is determined make her world safe again before meeting her fate. But will she be strong enough to face her demons without giving in to her dark side? Is her thirst for blood stronger than her will to deny it? Will Nolan still stand at her side if she gives in to the evil inside her?

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Find out in Bound By Truth! Words: 72, Published: July 3, Life on Black Hills mountain has been peaceful and quiet for Lacey and Cole. Words: 71, Published: June 17, Kaia Lenoit is living the life of a seventeen year old with no clue who she really is. All she knows is that she's not normal. As her nightmares become more vivid and frightening, strange things start to happen. She's changing and her friends are dying. No one is prepared for what will happen when Kaia learns the truth about her identity.

Words: 26, OK I'm a little. Seventeen year old Lacey Hannigan knows that she's different from other people. Her ability to. Seventeen year old Lacey Hannigan knows that she's different from.


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