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What's the meaning of the phrase 'Give no quarter'?

Most depictions of the Jolly Roger include a skull and crossbones, generally seen on a black field. The Jolly Roger was used to instill fear into one's enemies, and in many cases ships would surrender to a band of Pirates when this fearsome banner was raised. No Quarter If a ship refused to surrender, they risked the wrath of the Pirate ship's crew.

Once a battle began the Jolly Roger was lowered and replaced with a "No Quarter" flag signifying that the Pirates would now take no prisoners and give no quarter to their enemy. The No Quarter flag often featured the skull and crossbones or other characteristic marks of the Jolly Roger.

The two flags could easily be distinguished however due to the No Quarter flag bearing a deep red field for the background, as opposed to the common use of black on the Jolly Roger. The Pirates' red No Quarter flag is flown from the beginning of the fourth quarter throughout the remainder of the game to show that the Pirates will fight on until the end, giving no mercy to their opponents.

The Main Squeeze - No Quarter

Beginning in , the Pirates adopted a new set of flag raising ceremonies at home football games. Following the end of the third quarter, the Pirates raise the "No Quarter" flag to start the fourth quarter of home football games.

No Quarter (Led Zeppelin) + Barracuda (Heart) tribute bands

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