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She is so very clever, athletic and loving. Extremely smart. All three of our dogs will hunt and kill and eat rodents and birds in our yard. Wood rats, gophers, all of them are fair game.

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I cannot imagine paying a bunch of money for a dog that has health issues. Mutts are far healthier. Greyhounds preferably a retired one. Yes, we have a wirehaired pointing griffon. If you want an active, very family oriented dog they are perfect.

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Look into them, they are amazing. But I sincerely hope they never get popular. There are too many breeds to even think of recommending just one or a few, as well as too many breeds that fit into various groups and types and niches. Do your homework and you should be fine. Talk to breeders, read the associations or clubs website and magazine if they have one, study, read, talk, then study some more.


Do your home work, get advice check the sire and dame and most of all give that puppy all the love and time you can ……. Because everyone has to get your approval on how they want to acquire a dog, right?

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I must have missed the announcement that buying a dog was now illegal…. Thus, adding to the already exploding dog population and causing the deaths of the dogs desperately in need of homes in shelters across the world. When we are talking about dog over-population, rather than chastising the many responsible, animal-loving, devoted dog breeders that are trying to save some very rare breeds from extinction, we should look at and blame the irresponsible people that let their un-spayed and un-neutered mutts breed.

Take any 2 dogs, breed them, give them a name, and ta-dah! More pound puppies. It will be a long process to straighten out all of the damage that has been done by irresponsible and uninformed breeding of show dogs in the past. Their work ability should be one of the qualities that they breed for. It would be sad to lose the breeds that our human ancestors have always relied on and spent so much time to perfect.

But like any suggested breed research and find a responsible breeder. I have had different breeds and crosses, but I now stick with the Irish Terrier.

Read e-book Life as seen Through Froggy Grasses or how my ego got the better of me or stuff I wrote

They are a very healthy breed, intelligent and super active. They were used in the trenches extensively and are very brave and loyal. Good ratters, unfortunately also good chasing cats. My two year old female, 17kgs, can clear a four foot 1. She is also good at burrowing under the wire. The breed has benefited from not being particularly fashionable, although they are handsome dogs. The only problem now is because they are an endangered breed it is essential that they do not become too inbred. I shall be looking to travel some distance to ensure my young madam finds some new blood for her first litter.

Can you imagine the outrage if people started breeding their children like they do pedigree dogs? Due to the racing culture, a perfect example of a dog bred for health instead of appearance is the greyhound. Just a thought. I currently have azawakhs, a breed of dog that was and still is a village guard and livestock guardian in the African countries of Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger.

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Nature has formed the way these dogs look and function for the most part, with very little human intervention. They are very rare in the USA only about give or take and more numerous in Europe. There are forces in play however that seek to change and further restrict the gene pool of the breed I hold so dear to my heart. Reblogged this on Dogs, Books, and Science. In the short time border collies have been in the AKC, there have been signs that their mental health is suffering from it.

OCD is becoming more prevalent than it was before.

Any time breeders stop selecting strictly for working herding ability, the breed suffers. Agree, Stafford! I also do agility with Kindle; he has all of the drive, speed and athletic ability he needs, without the frenzy that you so often see. And his structure is superb! Excellent point. No species is fixed and they all evolve. However since we are in part directing their evolution, it is up to us to do so responsibly with an eye towards health.

Good article and worth reading. That type-o lessens the validity of the information in my opinion.

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Perhaps you can fix the errors? People like to call themselves responsible breeders simply because they have a purebred, stuck it in the garage with another purebred belonging to somebody on Craigslist and then charge a ridiculous sale price that some ignorant moron is going to pay so he too can become a breeder of the same fashion. While it is all well and good to blame show breeders for the umhealthy, over time morphing that has occurred let us not forget the purebred garbage that is spewed out, with papers mind you, by for profit puppy mills and unscrupulous for profit or from sheer ignorance breeders.

The hybrid vigor many speak of is nearly extinct. In this day and age, finding any dog with strong patellas, hips and elbows is difficult. Early onset arthritis is way too common and we have mistaken brains for the inability to sit still. Blindness and hearing we have sacrificed for colored coats and eyes and the beautiful, once revered pit bull terrier has been genetcally redesigned by social bottom feeders known as gang bangers into a dog whose temperament, once one of the breeds most solid attributes, is now a crap shoot.

It is not just the show breeders who should shoulder this burden. I know a couple of CKC Registered ethical breeders. They do extensive genetic and health testing. These people are not the problem. It is the backyard breeders and mills. They think nothing of breeding mothers to sons, brothers to sisters etc.

I am sure at one time this was a common practice of Kennel Clubs as well.

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It is now no longer acceptable. Ethical breeders are aware of the things mentioned in this blog and are working to change the damage that has been done. Please make note of the word ethical here. So many ignorant people think that AKC papers means quality. West Highland Terriers used to be hunting dogs that doubled as great house pets, and somehow many of the USA breeders seem to have turned them into smaller lb fancy dogs that prance around at the end of a lead.

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  • However, they are both not quite athletic in the hind end, but are certainly good hunters in the back yard. Vet bills have been minimal, likely as due to a high quality grain-free diet as to luck. Fascinating article. As an owner of several Jack Russell Terriers over the years I have seen the breed start to go down the road to potential ruin. Up until a few years ago JRT breeders universally resisted recognition by the AKC — breed standards were built on performance.

    Now that the breed has moved to the AKC it has been renamed and classified into multiple breeds in just a few short years. If you breed for long legs exclusively you are bound to lose the power of an ancestor with short muscular legs as an example. Sadly the Jack Russell only exists today because Mr Russell was disappointed with the dumbing down of his original fox terrier. He set out to breed the perfect fox hunter again from scratch.

    He must be rolling over in his grave…. Unfortunately, there was an evident lack of depth to the research put into this article. A few important points:. You are looking only at American and German showlines, and not at working lines. Working bred German Shepherds have moderate rear angulation and are very sound. Here is a working bred GSD clearing a 2 meter wall with ease. Also, Dachshunds are prone to achondroplasia?! I should hope so, it is a dwarf breed! ALL dachshunds, including the historical photo you posted and the modern one, are achondroplasiac dwarves, lol.

    Emily, you are quite correct about my focus on show lines; that is the whole point.