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Ranofer doesn't like the job as much as his dream where he is to be apprentice by Zau, the master goldsmith. With the help of his new friends, Ranofer discovers that someone else is stealing gold at night after getting suspicious again.

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After Heqet suggests they work together to spy on Gebu and his evil helpers, they meet in a thicket near the river, share food, and talk about what they have heard during midday when Ranofer gets a break from his awful job at the stonecutters' shop. Ranofer breaks into Gebu's room and discovers a golden goblet which could not come from the area.

Ranofer realizes that Gebu has been tomb robbing by the markings at the bottom which say the name of a pharaoh, Thutmose the Conqueror. Also with that evidence he realizes that no one can get as rich as Gebu was getting in one day which supports his theory. He asks the Ancient how tomb robbers are caught, and the Ancient replies, "They must be followed".

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Ranofer knows from Heqet's eavesdropping that Gebu will be going on another tomb robbing session during the upcoming feast, but keeps his findings to himself. Ranofer follows Gebu to the burial chamber. Meanwhile, Heqet and the Ancient have also gone to the Valley of the Kings looking for Ranofer, putting puzzle pieces together where he has gone and why. Ranofer runs out of the tomb after extinguishing the robbers' torch and one of the giant steps crumbles, trapping Gebu and his companion Wenamon.

The Golden Goblet

Ranofer puts a boulder on top of the entrance, and then finds Heqet and the Ancient, who sit on the boulder while Ranofer returns to town. He manages to get into the palace, and tries to get an audience with the queen but is stopped by the palace guards.

The Golden Goblet

Ranofer finally gets an audience with the queen, and after telling her about the golden goblet with Thutmose's name on it, she decides to test his truthfullness about the tomb robbery by asking him, "What was the object leaning against the north wall of my parents' burial chamber? Finally, the queen asks what Ranofer wants most in the world. Very little is known about the lives of Egyptian artisans at the of Thutmose was robbed about years before the time of the novel.

The tomb of Yuya and Tuya was discovered in The tomb had been penetrated, but was mostly intact. The discoverer, James Quibell , assumed that the robbers might have been disturbed in their act, giving the novel an interesting historical sense.

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Kirkus Reviews called it "an exhilarating story" and noted "We are given a most worthy hero in Ranofer This plus the vividly detailed setting make the book an excellent choice. The Golden Goblet was retroactively named a Newbery Honor book when the award for runners-up to the Newbery Medal was initiated in the year From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film festival awards, see Shanghai International Film Festival.

The Golden Goblet Lesson Plans

Super Writers Challenge Students are challenged to imitate some of the author's unique writing style in order to develop and improve their own. Throughout the chapters, Ranofer engages in day dreams which the author portrays through a method called rambling.

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It sounds easy but it takes some discipline and control. Students are invited to try their own hand at rambling.

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Near the climax, Ranofer issues a statement that defines himself and guides his decision. Writers are challenged to write their own defining statements about themselves or a literary or historical character. Comments Share your feedback with the rest of the home school community. Full Language Arts Curriculum. Grammar Slammer.

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