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If the snake you fear begins running away from you then it means the thing you fear is only in your mind, and will never materialize. In simple words, stop fearing as nothing will happen. You are more interested in facing your problems than trying to ignore it. It can also represent that you already know what problems your dream is pointing to. Your dream then can be a reminder that you need to keep on fighting your problem without losing hope.

Being Chased by Snakes means you are ignoring someone or something that requires your attention. It can be your friend, family, work, or any other essential work that you have to complete but are neglecting. If the serpent bite you while chasing then it means you need to give immediate attention or you can get in some trouble soon. If you were chasing the snake, then that means there is someone or something that is ignoring you whose attention you want.

If you see someone trying to hurt you pet then it can represent that somebody is trying to disturb your transformation. If you can feel the burning sensation of the bite after you wake up then it means that the problem is big. Such a dream can represent that you are surrounded by negative peoples who always have negative thoughts and such a mindset is not letting you grow. So you dream can symbolize that you need to leave that negative group asap, otherwise you may do something in the negative influence that put you in some trouble afterward.

So join a good group of positive peoples. It can be wisdom or sexual energy. These are some of the common snake dreams with their meanings, while these are the common dreams there are also some other rare dreams that you might get. The snake represents warning and fear.

Seeing a dead snake in your dream means that whatever evil is happening in your life will stop and start getting positive. It is a sign that all the things you fear are getting worse will take an opposite turn and start getting better. Snake Invoke fear and wisdom, Dreaming about a double-headed snake might represent that your life threats will double than before, the thing you think is terrible will get twice as worse than before. It can also symbolize that you are getting distracted in two different directions or paths, i. If you kill a Two-Headed or Multi-Headed snake in your dream, then it means that you are prepared for all the challenges to come and is ready for upcoming threats in your life.

But if that snake was chasing you, then it means you are not ready for anything worse to happen than the current situation. If a Snake talks to you in your dream, then it means your Unconscious mind wants to convey a message to you. It is a sign that true potential is being realized which can result in a lot of positive outcomes.

Generally, a snake talking in dreams can mean that you were unable to understand the meaning of the earlier snake dream, and that is why you are hearing the meaning this time. Or there is some important message that your unconscious mind wants to tell you and therefore it decided to talk to you and waste no time directly. It can be weird when you see a snake talking to you but believe me that you must listen to it very carefully. If you are talking to a snake in your dream, then it means you are in the process of doing something different, like understanding yourself and the world from a spiritual perspective.

It means that you are trying to send some message to your unconscious mind or trying to connect with your being which will make you spiritually strong. Generally, it means that you need to find the purpose of your life, and see why are you here. And if you already know your purpose then such a dream can mean that you need to remind the purpose to yourself as you may are getting out of track i.

A Snake running away from you in a dream represents your enemy or your competitor who was trying to harm you in some way but was unsuccessful in doing so. Further, it can mean you are in the process of transformation and healing. If the snake initially tried to harm like bite or constrict you but was unsuccessful in doing so and then begin to run away then that means your enemy will try to harm you in your waking life, but will not be successful in doing so.

But if it successfully harmed you and then started running away then it represents a weak enemy who is waiting for a perfect chance to harm you. It can mean that you must be aware of whom you trust. The type of snake in your dream speaks a lot about the meaning of your dream. A Boa Constrictor constricts its prey and kills it, Seeing a Boa in your dream means that you are stuck in a situation where you have very few choices. It can be related to your relationship, Career, etc.

Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me

Killing a Boa Constrictor means you will get out of the stuck zone and your life situation will improve. A Rattle Snake is a highly Venomous snake who rattles its tail to give out a warning. Seeing a rattlesnake rattling in a dream means that a significant threat is coming in your life and at this moment you are getting a warning to be prepared for the unknown. If the snake bites you in the dream , then it means that a big threat has come and your life situation is going to be worse then before.

A Viper in your dreams means that your loved ones are betraying you. It can be related to your life partner, business partner, etc.

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They also symbolize that a dishonest person surrounds you, so you must take every decision very carefully i. So if you have a business that is currently run by your friend then it can mean that he is betraying you in some way like taking money out of business, etc. A Python in your dream symbolizes your sexual desires as it also represents a phallic symbol. If you have sex with a python, then it represents the person with whom you are sexually attracted. If you see a python crawling on your body then it represents your wild sexual desires that are either yet to be filled or are getting out of control.

Sometimes dreams can be very confusing and have a deep meaning; in that case, an Idiom for snake helps in interpreting dreams. Below are some of the Idioms with their meaning. If in your dream the snake was sitting on your chest or was very close to you then it is a sign that someone close to you whom you are taking care of will prove to be a traitorous, untrustworthy and deceitful person. It is a sign that you are taking care of the wrong person. To Interpret that person try remembering the color and behavior of the snake and try matching it with the people in your circle.

If you see a Snake, Oil or oil type substance and a salesman in your dream, then it means that the person in your dream is selling you or your known a fraudulent cure which will not work. If there is someone in your waking life trying to sell you a get quick rich scheme or some other type of investment schemes etc. Somebody is trying to be your friend, business partner, girlfriend, etc. You may or may not know who is angry in your waking life, but that snake represents that angry person, so try to observe the behavior of the skin and then match it with all the people around you.

Snakes are considered a vicious creature in Islam; if you see a snake in your dream, then it is a sign that something bad is going is happen in your life situation. If you become a snake, then it means that you are contemptible against your own religion. Growing into a Half snake and half-human symbolize that you have neutralized half of the enemy power.

If the snake swallows you, then you will reach a powerful position in your life. Killing a snake means Marriage. If you overpower or kill the snake, then it says you are ready to tackle all the oncoming threats. The snake or serpent tricked Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge which was the opposite of what God told them, eventually making them Mortal. In your dreams, a snake is a symbol of Devil or Satan and Temptation.

It also represents your sexual desires and wisdom; If you go to bed with the snake, then it represents a person with whom you are sexually attracted. In Chinese Tradition, a Snake is seen as an intelligent but cryptic and perhaps a bit secretive. Dream of snake turning into a dragon represents power and growth.

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It is a sign that you are personally growing and are in the process of transformation. If that snake tries to attack you, then your further action will define the meaning of your dream and how well you can handle the upcoming threats. In Hinduism seeing a snake in a dream is considered good. Eating a snake in your dream means that you will be blessed with a child or material wealth. If you are catching or chasing a snake, then it means you will have victory over your competitors and enemies.

Killing a snake is a sign of oncoming bad luck. Lord Shiva wears a snake around his neck to symbolize that the dark forces are under control.


Your Dream can also represent the awakening of Kundalini. Snakes coming out of your mouth means that you are getting rid of all the harmful and poisonous thoughts towards other people.

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It can also mean that you are getting rid of all things that are negatively affecting your body. It can be thought of as a process of cleaning the mind from all the harmful attitudes stored in your mind. See the movement of the snake; if the snake was climbing up the tree then it means you will get a lot of money or knowledge soon but a snake climbing down the tree means you will suffer a loss of money in the near future. A Dream of a snake or serpent coming in your car means that somebody or something in your life is trying to disrupt your peace and happiness to give you an instantaneous shock.

A dream of a snake going out of your car means that nobody is trying to disturb your peace and happiness. If you are confused about interpreting your dream, then do share your dream in the comment box below as I will answer every one of you. I had a dream of snakes. I do not have a lot of hedge bushes. Only a few but there was plenty of them when I walked into my den and outside. The hedge bushes was filled with snakes.

They were just looking at me. Dreaming of Snakes Everywhere can be a Symbol of Abundance. It can mean that something is of abundance in your life. It can be your energy or happiness or even sadness. Just like when you saw snakes everywhere in your dream, you felt trapped in an awful situation this dream can mean that you are trapped in a horrible situation in your waking life.

I have dreams of black snakes on my bed… Protecting and making me fall in sleep.. I have dreamt of these lot of times… They have never harmed me..