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A multi-level event that is different every time, referring to an initial complex given composition, asking the musician to be open to sudden variations and permutations. Other compositions have been written for quintet and include three pieces and two interludes. Prossime Trascendenze will be released for Amirani Records in the end of and will premiered in Spring An absolutely successful duo with the extraordinaire pianist and composer Gianni Lenoci. Since tour the duo opened the circle to fruitful collaborations like the one with percussionist Cristiano Calcagnile a remarkable musician with a lot of excellent collaborations in his already dense career, notably with Anthony Braxton, Rova Saxophone quartet a.

The recording of Reciprocal Uncles second album as a duo is planned for the end of Gianni Mimmo started his solo performances on soprano sax in A solo is a mirror asking for special concentration, responsibility and openness [willingness] to get lost The work is entirely inspired and dedicated to painters Piet Mondrian, Mario Sironi and to the late Gilles Laheurte author, soprano sax player, architect, producer, inspirational figure and friend. The trio toured in Uk and Belgium giving really awesome performances, got great reviews and audience response.

Continuing his research on this line up, Gianni met the talented pianist and composer Elisabeth Harnik from Graz, Austria. The trio played in Italy, Austria, Romania in three different tours.

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An international constellation, a luminous tria-logue among very original voices of the new music: the dazzling inventiveness of Satoko Fujii on piano, the assertive solidity of Joe Fonda o double bass, the abstract lyricism of Gianni Mimmo on soprano saxophone. A trio that works on intersections and parallel voices, evocative improvisations and careful sound investigation through dense and readable lines, tribal chamber lights and splendid shapes. Though they had only played together once, in concert the night before, the trio is remarkably confident and communicates on a deep level.

The music is unhurried and graceful, yet always challenging. Fujii and Fonda were planning a European tour in October and asked Long Song label owner Fabrizio Perissinotto , who released their album, Duet, if he knew of any opportunities to perform in Italy. Perissinotto talked with his good friend Mimmo and a concert and recording session were arranged. They were wise to trust their feelings; the album is consistently engaging.

The music they make transforms and flows effortlessly while always maintaining focus. It evolves organically as the trio splits into different instrumental combinations and shifts between lyricism and abstraction, highly rhythmic passages and gently flowing ones. Not only the moment-to-moment balance of register, phrasing, dynamics, and articulation, but a larger, more fundamental balance of abstraction and direct lyricism.

Potrei davvero parlare a lungo di queste cose di Francis Bacon, di Magritte o di Milton Avery o di Piero della Francesca… Voglio mettere qui un estratto di una lettera di Piet Mondrian al pittore olandese Henk Brenner che mi sembra davvero descrivere con una precisione anche lirica il rapporto tra astrazione e forma.

Una relazione cui voglio fare riferimento in questa performance: I believe it is possible that, through horizontal and vertical lines constructed with awareness, but not with calculation, led by high intuition, and brought to harmony and rhythm, these basic forms of beauty, supplemented if necessary by other direct lines or curves, can become a work of art, as strong as it is true… Buona visione e buon ascolto Gianni Mimmo.

DUKE A room and a bottle of wine! He goes into an adjoining room. DUKE Women are as fickle as feathers in the wind, simple in speech, and simple in mind. Women are as fickle, etc. If you rely on her you will regret it, and if you trust her you are undone!

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Yet none can call himself fully contented chi su quel seno non liba amor! Sparafucile rientra con una bottiglia di vino e due bicchieri che depone sulla tavola: quindi batte col pomo della sua lunga spada due colpi al soffitto.

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A quel segnale una ridente giovane, in costume di zingara, scende a salti la scala. Il Duca corre per abbracciarla, ma ella gli sfugge. Viver dee o morire? Mi piacque di te chiedere e intesi che qui stai. Sparafucile returns with a bottle of wine and two glasses, which he puts on the table; then he strikes the ceiling twice with the pommel of his sword. At this signal, a buxom young woman in gypsy costume comes jumping down the stairs. The Duke runs to kiss her, but she eludes him. Meanwhile, Sparafucile, having slipped out into the road, speaks softly to Rigoletto. Is he to live or die?

Sparafucile moves off behind the house in the direction of the river. I asked someone about you and was told that you live here. Let me say that ever since, my heart has been yours alone. DUCA Ah, che fracasso! DUCA E tu sii docile, non farmi tanto, chiasso. Le prende la mano. La bella mano candida! DUCA No, no. I think my fine young man is a bit of a libertine. DUKE Ho, what a fuss! DUKE Be nice to me. DUKE No, no. DUCA Abbracciami. DUCA ironico Amabile figliuola! DUKEK iss me. DUKE With love. I want to marry you DUKE ironic Sweet little maid! DUCA Amabile figliuola! Vieni e senti del mio core il frequente palpitar.

Con un detto, ecc.

DUKE Sweet little maid! DUKE Fairest daughter of love, I am a slave to your charms; with but a single word you could relieve my every pain. Come, touch my breast and feel how my heart is racing. With but a single word, etc.

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That really makes me laugh; talk like that is cheap enough DUCA Con un detto sol tu puoi le mie pene consolar. Rido ben di core! Che tai baie costan poco, ecc. Ritorna a casa.

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  6. Sarovvi io pur doman. DUKE With but a single word you could relieve my every pain. That really makes me laugh; talk like that is cheap enough, etc.

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    Hush, and leave it up to me to hasten our revenge. It will be quick, it will be deadly, I know how to deal with him. Listen to me, go home. I shall meet you there tomorrow.

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    Il Duca e Maddalena stanno sempre fra loro parlando, ridendo, bevendo. Partita Gilda, Rigoletto va dietro la casa, e ritorna parlando con Sparafucile e contandogli delle monete. Venti scudi hai tu detto? Ei qui rimane?