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A Proposal to Google: How to Stop Evil from Trending on YouTube

We must not permit the long tail of less viewed videos to distract us from promptly dealing with abusive videos that are currently being seen by huge and rapidly escalating numbers of viewers. But if it is in violation, the YouTube team would proactively block it from ever going onto trending, and would take other actions related to that video as appropriate which could include removal from YouTube entirely, strikes or other actions against the uploading YouTube account, and so on.

There simply is no good reason today for horrifically abusive videos appearing on YouTube trending lists, and even worse in some cases persisting on those lists for hours, even rising to top positions — giving them enormous audiences and potentially doing serious harm.

Yes, fixing this will be significant work. And yes, I believe that Google has the capabilities to accomplish this task.

DEVOLSON Survival Guide | Wheelock College of Education & Human Development

The dismal alternative is the specter of knee-jerk, politically-motivated censorship of YouTube by governments, actions that could effectively destroy much of what makes YouTube a true wonder of the world, and one of my all-time favorite sites on the Internet. Please enable JavaScript to submit this form. From retail workers, to teachers, everyone feels the pressure mounting as the holidays are approaching. But for us college student, especially us education majors, there is no doubt we are all feeling a little lost in the flurry of assignments we are turning in as students and the ones we are receiving in our practicums to grade, enter, and return.

DEVOLSON has never felt more real to me than it does right now as a senior in college trying to hold onto my fleeting year before I become an adult, while simultaneously trying to convince the group of 12th graders I teach that I am in fact an adult.

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It can be weird to think that maybe reading was fun once before it was a form of imprisonment thrust upon us from higher education system. Sit down, take a break from the outside world, and just read something for fun.

Evil Modern Trio

See me for recommendations. Indulge in physical forms of self care. The showdown, which takes place on a craggy Asian island, suggests a supernatural, martial arts-oriented version of the Olympics. Coaching the young heroes is Lord Rayden, an earthly god of thunder and lightning, played by Christopher Lambert, who looks downright silly in shoulder-length silver hair and wearing his trademark smirk. When he's in a huff, Lord Rayden can generate lightning on the tips of his fingers and in his eyes, but he is powerless to do anything really significant.

Although there is talk of the three kombatants' having to face their deepest fears to prevail, the action is so frenetic and the dialogue so minimal that the allegory is weightless. Among the monsters they encounter, the most traditional is Shang Tsung's right-hand man, a roaring four-armed goon named Goro who suggests a depilated King Kong with two extra limbs.

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The most intriguing is a glassy-eyed follower whose right hand shoots out a hissing reptile that can extend itself for miles.