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Realizing that you may also have differences that they may consider flaws.

Perspective is key. I believe it starts well before seeing anything at all in others. I believe it starts by learning to see the uniqueness in ourselves first, and accepting them, not as flaws but, as what makes us us.

Love is Not Blind: In/Visibility and Recognition in M. Heidegger’s Thinking | IWM

We all have many differences, from age to gender to race to religion. I always considered myself gratfeul and thankful for all the good things I had, not at all like those negative others. There may be something there that we can relate to. When we accept this, when we accept ourselves and learn to love ourselves with all our uniqueness, we can learn to love others in their own uniqueness. And when we learn to do this, you will realize that the only person you need to complete you is YOU.

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Blind Love: Is It Romantic or Just Plain Stupid?

Get started. Is Love Really Blind? Love is an intangible experience that takes you to an elevated state of mind. It brings you a bit closer to yourself and to God. It teaches you that everything is beautiful.

Reality of just how blind love really is

It teaches you that without pain and suffering, you cannot grow in life. It reminds you to see beyond yourself and do something for others. It makes you a stronger yet humbler human being. Being blindly in love has a lot of merits.

It's nature's way of allowing us to open our heart and our soul and stop caring about superficial things. It's love with no strings attached.

II. Normative Dimensions

For example, have you ever dated someone you didn't find attractive at first? But the more you hang out with them, and the more you get to know their personality, the deeper you fall in love with them?

When love is blind, the other person's weight, height, race or religion doesn't matter. What is important is that does your heart cares for that person.

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You will notice yourself how insignificant all those parameters look. When you kiss someone you love in a romantic way, do you keep your eyes open or shut? You don't have to see the one you love to know you love them. You accept it on faith and kiss them without fear or any sense of danger.

  • III. Conclusion.
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A recent study found that blind love can occur in both romantic and parental love. There is nothing like love. Attraction draws you close, and dating goes on until we get blinded by love.

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A time comes when nothing else seems to matter -- not your job, not your family and friends, not other people's opinions. Want to know if you can feel safe being blinded by love? Take our quiz to determine your partner's reliability! Contributor , April 25, Please contact our helpdesk for further information. Not a member?