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    NOOK Book. Can certain foods hijack the brain in ways similar to drugs and alcohol, and is this effect sufficiently strong to contribute to major diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, and hence constitute a public health menace? Terms like "chocoholic" and "food addict" are part of popular lore, some popular diet books discuss the concept of addiction, and there are food addiction programs with names like Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous.

    Clinicians who work with patients often hear the language of addiction when individuals speak of irresistible cravings, withdrawal symptoms when starting a diet, and increasing intake of palatable foods over time. But what does science show, and how strong is the evidence that food and addiction is a real and important phenomenon? Food and Addiction: A Comprehensive Handbook brings scientific order to the issue of food and addiction, spanning multiple disciplines to create the foundation for what is a rapidly advancing field and to highlight needed advances in science and public policy.

    The book assembles leading scientists and policy makers from fields such as nutrition, addiction, psychology, epidemiology, and public health to explore and analyze the scientific evidence for the addictive properties of food. It provides complete and comprehensive coverage of all subjects pertinent to food and addiction, from basic background information on topics such as food intake, metabolism, and environmental risk factors for obesity, to diagnostic criteria for food addiction, the evolutionary and developmental bases of eating addictions, and behavioral and pharmacologic interventions, to the clinical, public health, and legal and policy implications of recognizing the validity of food addiction.

    Each chapter reviews the available science and notes needed scientific advances in the field. Mark S.

    Food and Addiction

    Kelly D. Brownell and Mark S. Koob 2. Mason and Amanda E. Higley 3. Neuroanatomy of Addiction George F. Koob 4. Genetics of Addiction Ernest P. Noble 5. Gold 6. Mason, Eric J. Nestler and Michael Lutter 7. Greenfield and Michele A. Crisafulli 8. Monti and Lara A. Ray 9. Popkin Ogden, Molly M. Lamb, Brian K. Kit and Jacqueline D. Wright Chung and Rudolph L. Leibel Schwartz Food Intake and Metabolism Douglas S.

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    Ramsay and Stephen C. Woods Dietrich and Tamas Horvath Barson and Sarah F. Leibowitz Bartoshuk and Derek J. Snyder Kalra Ebbeling, Walter C. Willett and David S. Dallman Barry Part 4: Clinical Approaches and Implications Merlo Behavioral Treatments for Obesity Caitlin A. LaGrotte and Gary D. Foster Pharmacotherapy of addictive disorders Ece Tek and Stephanie S. Aronne Surgical Treatments for Obesity Marion L.

    Vetter, Lucy F. Hemsley-Faulconbridge, Noel N. Williams and Thomas A. Wadden Grilo Williams and Bess H. Marcus Shriner Theresa Wright Robinson and Donna M. Matheson Nutrition Practices in Schools Marlene B. Schwartz and Nicole L. Novak Part 6: Legal and Policy Implications Teret and Lainie Rutkow Pomeranz Ian Gilmore and Karishma Chandaria Warner Lessons from Drug Policy Robert L. DuPont Edited by Kelly D.

    Gold , Distinguished Professor, Donald R. Brownell, Ph. Mark S. Gold, M.

    Gold is a member of the McKnight Brain Institute and has worked for 40 years in translational addiction research. He is also an author, mentor, and inventor who has developed new treatments and models for understanding addiction and overeating. Cara B.

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    Leibel, MD Christopher J. Popkin, PhD W. Kenan, Jr. It covers this very complex issue in a detailed, yet manageable fashion. The book is a pleasure to read and provides helpful citations for further information. By Mark S. Gold, MD Public health officials and academics identified cigarette smoking and related disease as the nation's number one killer and foremost driver of health costs in the s. At that time overeating and obesity were not major problems, yet they may soon cause more disease, deaths, and health care costs than cigarettes.