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I was delighted when I got this book with the amazing pictures in my hands. Extremely rare photographic material from RAF's Aegean attacks on Greek seas, taken from aircraft cameras, against German and Italian naval vessels and Italian sailplanes. An important historical record, showing gun camera views taken on operations, illustrating targets under fire from machine guns, cannon and rockets. A fascinating read and illustrated throughout. Read the complete review here.

The squadron flew Bristol Beaufighters against German and Italian forces in the Mediterranean, predominantly attacking shipping. The majority of the photographs are good quality and the particulars of each mission shown in the book are presented with notes on what is happening in the photos. It's not a complete record of Squadron's service, but it certainly provides a thorough snapshot of what their war was like.

Definitely worth picking up if you're a fan of the Beaufighter, or if you just like seeing combat action from a low-level perspective. The publisher has been producing a number of aviation history series that feature rare archive images. This book is one of those books and has a fine photo content. The photographs in this case mostly show the image from the gunsight, or more accurately gun camera — Highly Recommended. This is an slightly more unusual collection of archive photos to see from a single unit, and in this quantity. The operational records provide the detail for the individual stories to accompany the photos and I though a useful reminder that these are all very much records of real warfare.

Nothing staged and of course real events that would have led to real casualties. A sobering thought perhaps but what a marvellous collection of images all from the one squadron in the same operational theatre which we are lucky to have seen preserved and presented in a way that makes them accessible to us all.

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Not automatically. All volumes on Archive. I might have to wait for this one. Last edited by tempura; at PM. The problem with this 8-volume Collected Works is that it's from - there was still a lot to come from Yeats at that point in time. I've been pondering doing a complete Yeats for a while, but it'll be an awful lot of work and I keep postponing Delphi Classics has a Yeats edition - far from complete, and the formatting leaves a lot to be desired, but it's cheap and gives you a lot of Yeats's works; at least the poetry and the plays are complete.

So, it's incomplete. Even the "Poetical Works" of Yeats reads , so that is incomplete.

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I did check again and find that they reissued the Collected Works. Though not entirely sure of the revised editions.

But well, we might have to find the other sources. That's good news.

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I wouldn't mind helping out on the project. Rather important criticism, and gorgeously written as well. Perhaps someone who had the time and inclination might consider creating them.

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Last edited by Prestidigitweeze; at PM. If he were working on them, he would not have to request them, would he? They are both on Gutenberg, I will upload them here soon. Alfred Sidgwick died in , and this book was published in Or if anyone can point me toward an ebook version I can legally purchase, I'd be very happy with that as well.

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Thanks for your help! Originally Posted by pynch. That's the way I read his comment anyway.

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