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EAST OF DESOLATION by Jack Higgin | Kirkus Reviews

Members of an Oxford University expedition recently discovered the remains of the plane while crossing the Greenland icecap. Vogel, his partner Ralph Stratton, and Sarah Kelso, the wife of the pilot listed on the flight plan, have come to Greenland to find the plane and positively identify the bodies. Without this identification, the insurance company refuses to pay on the loss. At first Joe refuses the job.

He gives Vogel the name of another pilot who may be willing to land on the icecap.

East of Desolation – Jack Higgins

When that pilot suddenly dies, Joe changes his mind and agrees to fly the three people north. But unexpected trouble lies right around the corner when a bag of hijacked jewels shows up in Frederiksborg, a shipload of dangerous commercial sailors arrives in town, and Jack Desforge begins acting like one of the characters he played in his many adventure films.

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Matters come to a head in a heart-racing chase across the fjords of Greenland and the nearby Danish countryside. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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This book is a re-write of the original novel, which the author and publisher decided to bring back to life. I think it was a good decision. The story-line could easily fit into any 19th or 20th century decade.


I found the setting interesting, the far north, beyond what most of us call the civilized world.