Manual Discourse in Context: Contemporary Applied Linguistics Volume 3

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English is nevertheless the most widespread lingua franca today, and the only one that is truly global.

Educational Background

It is used in virtually all thinkable functions of language, in an enormous range of contexts. The context of use is also one of the main defining properties of a lingua franca, and the key characteristic distinguishing it from other second language uses, such as learner language and postcolonial second- language varieties of English. While cognitive determinants can perhaps most readily account for certain similarities in the formal properties of second language uses of English, such as indeterminacy in article or preposition use, inflectional simplification, and morphological irregularities, moving away from lexicogrammar reveals the fundamentally discourse-driven nature of structure.


Moreover, discourse is in turn shaped by their environment, which for lingua francas entails unusual linguistic and social complexity. This chapter looks into the specific context of English as a lingua franca ELF in academic contexts. It discusses the social parameters that distinguish lingua francas from other kinds of second language use, and how the complexity of a lingua franca environment shapes ELF discourse. With a relatively limited pool of shared lexicogrammatical resources, lingua franca speakers seem to draw adeptly on discourse strategies to achieve their purposes even in a heavily language-reliant environment like academia.

Lingua franca discourse in academic contexts: Shaped by complexity.

A multimodal approach to discourse, context and culture. Turn-allocation and context: Broadening participation in the second language classroom. Political discourse analysis — Distinguishing frontstage and backstage contexts.

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A discourse-historical approach. Back matter Index. Retrieved from Bloomsbury Collections, www. Discourse in Context Contemporary Applied Linguistics Volume 3 John Flowerdew Bloomsbury Academic Preview Only The full text of this chapter is only available to members of institutions that have purchased access. Handford, M.

Waring, Hansun Z. (hz30)

London: Bloomsbury Academic. Accessed July 4, Email x Discourse in Context.

Prof. Alastair Pennycook talks about critical dimensions in applied linguistics

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