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Having an interactive online training program has its perks. The first benefit is that it enhances exploration.

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When learners have the ability to explore a learning environment, they feel more interested and keep coming back for more. Another benefit is that interactive simulations are based on reality-based situations. These types of scenarios give the learner the chance to put knowledge into action. The third advantage of an interactive online training program is that it allows the software to assess learner performance spontaneously and non-intrusively. Assessments for interactive courses usually take place as decision points for branching scenarios, instead of formal quizzes or tests.

Interactive online learning essentials

Aside from making a more memorable impact on your learners, immersive online training programs also boost engagement and motivation. Think of simulations as highly relevant, tangible case studies that have been brought to life. A good simulation starts with a problem that learners relate to. Incorporate interactivity by peppering in quiz questions, opportunities to explore content through links and downloads, and links to discussion forums where learners can share their thoughts. When you pop a short quiz under a section of content, or even within a video, you snap the learner out of their passive learning trance.

Scenarios provide a risk-free environment in which to practice tricky skills. Like simulations, they present an immersive situation with realistic characters that learners can relate to.

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  6. Learners select a course of action from the options available, and the scenario plays out the consequences of that decision. Then, they have to select a path to deal with these consequences to reach a desirable outcome.

    Scenarios test how well learners have internalized content by measuring their ability to make decisions in an ambiguous situation. But, what makes games different is that they incentivize the learner with badges and points for improving their skills. They can also provide a competitive element through leaderboards.

    Games can also take other forms, depending on the content.

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    They can use an existing structure from TV game shows, like Jeopardy, or imitate simple video games, like Minesweeper. Microlearning involves creating short very short pieces of content. While traditional content may take minutes, each piece of microlearning content is limited to under three minutes.

    This short learning time makes learning on the go and on mobile more convenient. Have five minutes while queueing? Microlearning is also efficient. Finally, microlearning is a blessing for the online attention span. Almost anyone can stay focused for three minutes.

    All of these activities can make eLearning more interactive by placing the onus on the learner to stay engaged, link concepts, and test their own knowledge.

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    The short answer is yes. Save time, frustration and money with TalentLMS, the most-affordable and user-friendly learning management system on the market. Try it for free for as long as you want and discover why our customers consistently give us 4. Try for free! Devise branching scenarios Branching scenarios put learners in charge of how the entire course will go. Interactive online learning essentials — What is interactive training?

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    Quizzes When you pop a short quiz under a section of content, or even within a video, you snap the learner out of their passive learning trance. Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, U. Supreme Court. They are now more engaged in the political process and exhibit confidence when discussing political issues. I have worked to promote civic education for young people through iCivics.

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    I consider engaging the next generations of citizens to be my most important work yet and my legacy. Supreme Court [Ret.

    How To Create Interactive Online Training Modules

    I love getting to play iCivics. It opened up my mind about how much work it is to keep everyone happy and made me appreciate my government much more. Kylie Ray, 7th grade, Waco, TX. I find the materials so engaging, relevant, and easy to understand — I now use iCivics as a central resource, and use the textbook as a supplemental tool. The games are invaluable for applying the concepts we learn in class. I have found that students are absolutely excited about playing the games.

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