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While this is a feel-good story, I had to slip in one crime. Two months earlier, banditos had burned the church and crushed the townspeople.

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Celia vows to return holiday joy to the town. Perhaps doing so might help mend her aching heart. Rancher Eduardo Montoya knows Celia is the woman for him. She enchants him with her winning smile and vivacious nature. When her father warns Eduardo away from Celia, Eduardo is both angry and frustrated.

He turned to speak to his friend. He refused to let anyone shatter his dreams. When we are wed, she will not have to be concerned with such things.

Eduardo had no doubt his friend believed he had taken leave of his senses. All in good time. Micah clapped him on the shoulder. You can daydream about the pretty widow on our way home. You will see. One day, she will become my wife. From where she stood on the walk, Celia had known the men watched her. One was the youngest Stone brother. Identifying him was easy because the three Stone men looked so much alike.

He certainly cut a dashing figure in his black clothes trimmed with silver buttons. She wondered if he was entitled to dress like Spanish nobility or if he merely played a part. The silver on his saddle flashed in the sunlight and she questioned the safety of such a display. Vampires, Volkaane… all the immortal beings were perfectly fine divulging all of their secrets to the human populace despite the fact they frequently talked about how they wanted to stay under the radar.

Also, despite the fact that Rave and Stefan were supposedly mortal enemies though it was never explained why , Leesa was magically able to tell them to quit fighting… and they listened. Suddenly everyone was behaving as though they had no choice. These two immortal beings are centuries older than this shy little mouse of a college student, but they were both willing to do whatever she asked.

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In fact, by the time I was half-way through the story, the two men were so completely smitten with her they were more than willing to marry her. No one questioned it.

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No one thought she was crazy, no one seemed to be frightened either. How does this happen? There was a complete lack of any sort of tension or mystery to this story. The frustrating part of it was that there were so many instances where tension and conflict could have been introduced.

I would have killed to have Edwina show up and harass Leesa, or to have seen the Volkaane lead an assault against the Vampire coven. They never did. At the final moment when Leesa revealed her plan to sacrifice herself for her brother, he pretty much stepped aside and agreed with her. The ending was wrapped up in a shiny little perfect bow, and no one got hurt, or angry, or swore retaliation.


It was obvious the author had taken a lot of time to research vampire lore and adapt it to their own unique version. The concept of the Volkaane was interesting and unique though now that I think about it, the moodus noises never were explained… , and a bit of a neat twist on the usual immortal beings we find in these kinds of stories.

The only area that lacked in their development was an explanation of WHY the Volkaane fought the Vampires at all. I knew they hunted the vamps, but never why.


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A total of.. It lacked any sense of immediacy, action, tension, or suspense. The pieces fell into place easily and without effort… to the point that the narrative became mundane and unfulfilling. Would I recommend it? If I had one way to sum up how ill-written this book was, it would be to quote the first line of chapter When a tornado provides Rosalyn with the opportunity to escape the gallows, she collects her daughter Lucy and flees. She hopes she and Lucy will be safe in this remote North Texas town where she embarks on a new life as a dressmaker.

If only she could avoid contact with people, especially the handsome sheriff who pops up every time she turns around.

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  • She fears either she or her chatterbox daughter may slip and reveal too much. His younger brothers are married and living nearby, his aunts have moved to Radford Springs, and he is respected for the efficient job he does as sheriff. When he meets the new widow in town, his instant attraction staggers him. She appears uninterested, but he is determined to win her hand in marriage.

    They overcome temporary obstacles, but what of the secret she protects? Can he save her from the gallows?

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    The white background behind the model can still be found like a halo around her head. That being said, like the book before it, I found this one to be a bit of a mixed bag. Unfortunately, like the other books in the series, the characters lacked a sense of depth, and the events in the book were a little too convenient to be believable. I think my least favorite character was probably Joel.