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Que veut dire cela? In care of, Aux soins de. Taken its origin, lire son origine. What had become of him?

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Ce qu'i e'tait devwn. On the occasion, A cette occasion. PAGE She had recognised him by, Elle ravait reconnu a. By making them happy, translate: By rendering them happy. To discharge a servant , Congqdier. To entertain more philanthropic sentiments, D'avoir 2a ravenir des sentiments plus philanthropigues. In the country da la campagne. Finding the winter approach, translate: Seeing the winter approach. And boasted how he had, Et se vanta de lafafon dont ii avait. Which promised success, Quiparaissait devoir rkussir.. At the same time, En meme temps.

About five o'clock, Vrers cing heures. Here, take care of- my horse, Tenez I ayez soin de morm cheval. Xiii Ay, ay, Eh I eh I Your accommodation will be very good, Je serai tres bien ici.

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  7. They let him remain, Ils Ze laisserent tranquille. To be assembled, S'e'tre rassemble. To have to beg pardon of, Devoir demander pardon a. We are not such fools, Nous ne sommes pas sifota. I will let you have it, Je vous la cederai. One only was wanted, II n'enfa7lait qu'un.

    And finding him to be a slave, Et voyant que c'etait un esclave. Sank to rise no more, Coula pour ne plus reparattre. In your turn, 2 votre tour. With such evidence, Devant une te7le evidence. As if ready to take away, Tout pret d emporter. Drunken lethargy, Ivresse s. PAOG To have charge of, etre charge de.

    To have a thing cried, Faire crier une chose. Which he did, translate: That which he did. To establish a claim to, Reclamer. When hard at my study, translate: While Iwas hard at my study. Finding what he had, translate: Discovering what he had. To keep in conversation, Faire causer.

    To the amusement of, Au grand plaisir de. They contrived to take out the cat, Ius imagineremn d'enlever le chat.

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    You stupid fellow, imbecille. Secretary to, Secre'taire de. A relief from solitude, Ufn-soulagement d la solitu4 - To be released from prison, etre mise en libertY. Restored him to favor, Lui rendit safaveur. For a doctor's degree, Au doctorat. To qualify an ass for a doctor's degree, Mettre un dne en etat de passer un examen de docteur. To make him a doctor, En faire un docteur.

    With his face to the tail, La figure tourn'e vera la queue. Bid her, Lui dit. About her own age, Qui pouvait avoir le meme dge qu'elle. And in whispers mingled with sobs, Et bien bas, d'une voix entrecoupe'e par les sanglots. Without the means of obtaining, Privee des moyens de se procurer.

    Falling off, Tombant a terre. On one of these occasions, In one of these occasions. How is it, Comment se fait-il.

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    The one next, Celui gui etait d co6t de lui. At the same time, En mlme temps. In the court, Dans la salle d'audience. In this place, a cette place, or, ici. She considered him the greatest, translate: She con. Who remained ignorant of, Qui n'eitpas connaissance de.


    A puppy, Tout petit. To ask alms of the charitable, Demander raum6ne. To the lowest degree, Au plus haut degre litera'lly: to the highest degree. It was now the depth of winter, On etait au coeur de Uhiver.

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    H — Her courage failed her, Le courage lui mangua, or, son courage l'abandonna. A lie will not choke you, translate: A lie does not choke you. In despair, Au desespoir.

    Before my face, En ma presence. One at each end, Chacune a un bout. Most gladly, most joyfhlly, De tout mon cwur, avec 74 plus grande joie. To restore to happiness, Rendre au bonhw. The Scholar's Answer, The Dog's Will,. Virtue in Humble Life,.. Integrity of a Soldier. A king of Northumberland, named Anlaff, hav.

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    The two armies met and prepared for battle, and Anlaff, wishing to learn the strength and the arrangements of his adversary, disguised himself as as harper and went into Athelstan's camp. Having played on' his harp from tent to tent, he was at length conducted to the royal pavilion. The king was so well pleased with' his music that, on his departure, he gave him a handsome recompense. This excited suspicion in a soldier who observed him, and on' approaching he recognised him notwithstanding his disguise. As soon as he was gone the soldier presented himself before Athelstan, and said, "Sire, the harper who has given' you so much pleasure, and whom you have rewarded so handsomely, is no other than Anlaff, your mortal enemy.

    This attack brought on a general battle, which ended in the total defeat of Anlaff and his followers. On devant un participe present se traduit en in. It appears that when this celebrated author was at school, though very laborious, his intelligence was not brilliant, and his great success in after rifel was owing to' his indefatigable perseverance.